I have used AFN twice now for my new business. Jeff has just been the best! I highly recommend them.
Family Veterinary Services
Sanford, N.C.
Meghan E.
Unsecured Business Advance Funded by Jeff Schwartz on April 4, 2014 and January 9, 2014 for $25,000 and additionally for $12,500.
Review also posted to Facebook he


The staff is cordial, professional and timely. When others failed our business, Advanced Funds Network came through! Thank you for helping our school, student and staff!
Faith Christian Academy
Plant City, FL
Unsecured Business Loan Funded by Jane Joseph on January 29, 2014
Review also posted to Facebook here:


Securing short term capital from AFN was a pleasurable process. Very quick and easy. The customer service was great, thank you guys!
Human Resource and Staffing Services
Greensboro, NC
Trevor J.

Unsecured Small Business Loan Funded on October 17, 2013 for $145,000.
Initially Funded on June 7, 2013 for $80,000.


Funding Specialist: Alfred D. CohenI have had two loans through these guys and both times were easy and fast.  Alfred Cohen & AFN have always been there when I needed them without hesitation. I will always come back to them in times of cash flow needs. I highly would consider them if you are in need of cash for your business fast and if you don’t have the time to wait on traditional loans.
Vernai, UT
Trucking Company
Small Business Loans
Initial Funding October 12, 2012 $19,000. Funded again on March 27, 2013 15,000


To All in Business,
Pursuant to my Financial need for money to  Grow my business and meet inventory needs in a very tough lending environment , I reached out to Michael from Advance Funds Network.

I asked for 75,000 dollars and was approved for 120,000 with a daily payment matrix that allowed me to succeed. I was VERY SKEPTICAL at first , because who lends on just a few statements . I am proud to say Advanced Funds Network came through. Both Michael and Adam hand held me through the process and worked to fund quickly , plus Karina in their underwriting Department was kind and helpful.

In closing , I highly recommend this team to meet those needs that can push your business to the next level of success . Michael delivered on what he promised.
Randy Desk
Wheeling, West Virginia
Home Interiors
Business Loan $120,000 January 10, 2013 Plus $5,000,000 in Purchase Order Factoring to date May 5, 2013


Thanks to Alfred Cohen and AFN for working hard to arrange some financing for our company. He stayed with us and literally “held our hand” from start to finish. We had a lot of skepticism at first, but Alfred came through and really helped us.
Thanks again AFN!
Indianapolis, IN
Material Supplier for Construction Projects
Small Business Loan $30,000
March 27, 2013


Thank you Michael M. You did a wonderful job. I needed money to expand my business and Advance Funds Network came through fast. (Funded $7000 December 2012)
Pleasant Hill, IA
Sushi Restaurant
Line of Credit for Addiing a new Sushi Bar. Initial Funding $7,000
December 2012


I cannot say enough about George F. and the help he has been to me over the last year. He helped me get a small line of credit, and I have had the freedom to utilize it when I have needed it, which has allowed me to grow and expand my business. I am impressed with how quickly the process occurs, and the ease at which I am able to pay back is great. Thanks to all who have helped me, you’ve made the path a lot easier on this uphill climb!
Soldotna, Alaska
Veterinary Clinic and Pet Care
Line of Credit for $200,000
Credit Pulled on June 2012, July 2012, October 2012, January 2013


Thanks George and Advance Funds Network, George was a pleasure to deal with and he made it a pretty painless process. Thanks again !
Waynesburg, PA
Business Loan 12 Month for Bar Renovations & Improvements
Funded $65,000
January 2013


Thanks Michael M. I had a good experience with you and your company – hassle free and straight forward financing. I have dealt with a few other companies but this one was by far the easiest to do business with. I will very likely use you again in the future.
Doctor’s Office
Springfield, Ohio
$85,000 Mezzanine Financing
January 2013


Working with Michael M was a fantastic experience and quick. I was always kept in the loop of the process and funded quickly.Thanks for your help Michael!
Court Affiliated Services
Merrillville, IN
Working Capital Advance Based on State Related Receivables
Funded $21,500 September 14, 2012   


Advance Funds Network & Alfred Cohen are a blessing from Heaven to me and our business.  During a slow economy, it is great to have partners to help with cash flow. AFN is a firm that is easy to work with. May God Bless your business as AFN , through God Has blessed ours!
Auto Body and Sales
Oxford, AL
Unsecured Line of Credit
12-17-2012         Funded $20,000.00
07-31-2012         Funded  $8,000.00
06-07-2012         Funded  $8,000.00
04-10-2012         Funded $15,000.00
12-01-2011         Funded $15,000.00
09-23-2011         Funded $17,000.00
04-11-2011         Funded $20,000.00
11-24-2010         Funded $20,000.00


We want to give thanks to ADVANCE FUNDS NETWORK for having faith in our small family owned and operated Automotive business. Now we are able to expand and purchase needed equipment. We give service and performance FIVE STARS! all the way he is very thorough and persistent. We recommend this COMPANY all the way! Thank you so much ADVANCE FUNDS NETWORK..You all were blessing from ABOVE!…GOD BLESS!
Automotive and Transmission Service
Pflugerville, TX
06/21/12 Funded $20,000 – Business Loan
08/03/11 Funded $10,000- Equipment Purchase Financing
Testimonial Received: July 2, 2012


Having worked with AFN, I have have had good and timely service every time.
Bar and Coffee Shop
Silverton, OR
Funded: 03-28-2012, 12-27-2011, 02-08-2011, 05-04-2010
Line of Credit
Testimonial Received: June 28, 2012


Michael was great in helping us finish our renovation to the bar and add a new walk-in freezer for our restaurant. It saved our business! I tried talking with other companies but they just wasted our time.  Thanks again Mike!
Restaurant and Bar
Montevallo, Alabama
Funded: $75,000  February 6, 2012
Business Loan


Advance Funds Network worked diligently to get our cash advance approved and off to us as quick as possible. They are personable and efficient, and we will definitely look this way for our next advance. This is our 2nd advance with Advance Funds Network. Thank You, Everyone!
Auto Repair and Tire Sales
Rocky Hill, Connecticut
Funded: $38,500  September 6, 2011
Merchant Cash Advance


Alfred is the man! He really went the distance for me and my company and really does care. I would recommend him to anyone and look forward to many years of doing business with him. thanks man whatever i can do for you!”
Restaurant Expansion
Semmes, Alabama
Funded $15,000  Jul 27, 2011
Merchant Cash Advance


“Michael G. was fantastic. He  “babysitted” me through the process, and got everything set up. Very patient indeed! Thanks guys!”
Rich King
Indianapolis, IN
Funded $150,000  Jul 11, 2011
Unsecured Lines of Credit


“I have worked with many lending and advance making institutions, and Advance Funds Network was by far the easiest. Alfred’s courtesy and affability helped make what is a complicated process much easier to bear.”
Sports and Recreational Facility with Lodging
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina
Funded $280,000 Product Inventory and Equipment Financing
June 26, 2011


“Jean Paul has been great. We recieved the funding we need to keep our business going. Advance Funds Network is very easy to work with. You kept in touch and didn’t give up on us. We thank you very much.”
Tim & Debbie W.
Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania
Business Cash Advance  March 11, 2011
Funded $90,688 Payback of $108,000
Additional Funding


“Worked with Jean Paul on a merchant cash advance.He was very adept at explaining the process and was upfront about everything.He worked hard to get the job done for a seasonal business.I believe Jean and AFN operate with complete integrity.”
Steve H.
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Business Cash Advance  May 21, 2011 $10,000
Additional Funding


“Thanks Alfred Cohen for all the help in recieving funding.  You addressed my needs and help me make the correct choice.  I would recommend your services to anyone who would require them. Thanks again.”
Automotive Service & Repair
Lansing, MI
Business Cash Advance for Equipment Purchases
January 2011 $20,000
Additional Funding May 2011  $25,000


“I have really enjoyed working with Jean Paul. He worked so hard to get me the best deal for my business. Jean and all the people that I spoke with that handled my advance were very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to doing more business in the future with Jean and the Advance Funds Network.”
Kathy Fran******
Littleton, Colorado
Business Financing $25,500 March 21, 2011
Additonal Funding May 16, 2011  $25,000


“Alfred Cohen was a bulldog on trying to get something done for my business. For 10+ years we have had a very stable business and then with the economy of the last 2 years, we have been severely challenged. Though we have A-Rated customers and A-Rated work, our credit standing and all financial ratios have taken a beating. Add to that that most lenders shy away from construction job related funding and we were a hard case to position financing for. Undeterred with several no’s for industry fit or for business condition, Alfred stayed “nose to the grindstone” to get something done for us. AND, HE DID. Thanks.”
Terry G.
Charlotte, North Carolina
SMB Bank Loan
May 17, 2011


“Thanks to Alfred’s hard work and AFN’s commitment to there customers we were able to move our facility to a newer and larger shop. It couldn’t have been done so easily without there help. Thank you Advanced Funds Network.”  Andrew
Sales & Installation of Products for Athletic Facilities
Expansion of Facility
Deer Park, New York
Multiple Installment Bank Loan
May 11, 2011


“Thanks to AFN (& Adam Collins) for their professionalism.  They did what they said, kept me in the loop at all times and got me the capital I needed with minimal Hassle. Highly Recommend.”
C. Davis
Garden Grove, California
Funded $100,000 with a Payback of $124,000May 2, 2011


“There are many companies doing credit card advances and business loans. We have done several over the past several years and have never worked better with anyone then Alfred (Cohen) at Advance Funds Network. Alfred goes the extra mile to get the cash you need and at the lowest possible rate. He also takes a strong interest in building a partnership not just for now but for the future. It is our intention to work again at a future date with Alfred and the staff of Advance Funds Network.”

Best Regards,
Retail Jewelry
Inventory Purchase
Southern Indiana
Unsecured Line of Credit Funded 20+ times since 2009
May 1, 2011


“Thanks to all of the wonderful people at Advance Funds Network, I was able to catch up on some bills and to add new equipment to my business. I believe when you borrow money you need to feel confortable with the people your borrowing money from. like the old days. I felt like I was working with good friends and I had great service on getting me the best funding deal. Thank you Alfred for being my cheerleader!! Great experience.”
Pataskala, OH
Hair Salon Financing
Undisclosed Unsecured Line of Credit
April 24, 2011


“CiCi’s Pizza will have more satisfied customers thanks to Adam (Collins) at Advance Funds Network! Our franchise thanks you. You were by far the best service and fastest option we were presented with.  I already mentioned this to our other Franchise members looking for capital.  Any franchise owners would benefit from these lines of credit.
M. Marfoulis
New York
$150,000 Unsecured Line of Credit Client
April 10, 2011


“Thanks Alfred (Cohen), you did a very good job of getting us funded and were very upfront about all issues.We will definitely use your company in the future!”
Adrian, Michigan
Retail Tires
Product Inventory
Unsecured Line of Credit Client
First Tranche; November 29, 2010


“Sasha (Jade) is a pleasure to work with. Never any problems, and very responsive to my needs. I would not hesitate on recommending to anyone who needs an advance.”
D. War***
Palo Alto, California
$150,000 Credit Line Client
Latest Tranche; October 14, 2010)


I received $155,000 for my car wash in MD. Was easy and I would definitely recommend it.
M. Jack***
(FUNDED $155,000 Advanced July 28, 2010)
Baltimore, Maryland
Additional Funding August 11, 2010 


“It has been a pleasure working with Douglas at Advance Funds Network. He is open to learning new ideas to help grow his business and reach the customers in need of his services. He has taken our recommendations and implemented them to help make his advertising campaign succeed. The feedback and responsiveness from Advance Funds Network has been a big factor in reaching the overall goal of the campaign”
Christina Wootton
May 11, 2010


Alfred has been a great person to work with throughout the process. His diligence on getting us our approval and all the way to the funding process has been admirable that other people should take note of. We will be using Advance Funding Network for all of our funding needs for our restaurant chain and new businesses.

Thanks Alfred. We rate you AAAAA+++++!
Expansion of Restaurant
Line of Credit Facility
Ba*****, Mississippi
(FUNDED $12,000 Advanced March 12,2010)
(FUNDED $5,000 Advanced June 24, 2010)
(FUNDED $5,000 Advanced July 1, 2010)
(FUNDED $20,000 Advanced July 20, 2010)
(FUNDED $10,000 Advanced October 20, 2010)
(FUNDED $15,000 Advanced November 18, 2010) 


Advance funds network is a great asset to small business when the need for capital is necessary for expansion. AFN worked very quickly..not once but 2 times to arrange for needed monies using future credit card receivables. I highly recommend them as there speed..efficient service is tops.
New York, NY
High End Salon
(FUNDED $20,000 Advanced March 26, 2009 and an Additional $10,000 FUNDED  May 28, 2009)


Jake, Thank you so much for helping me and my business, with the advance you got for me I was able to buy more merchandise at an excellent price. Thanks again to you and Advance Funds Network because you guys are helping the small business to grow and be successful.
(FUNDED $17,000 Advanced May 2009)
A. Bl****
Miami, FL


Advance Funds Network did a great job helping me secure some much needed funding for my business. They were easy to work with, and quick. I will recommend this service to anyone who needs funds fast !

(FUNDED $40,000 Advanced December 2008 and an additional $40,000 for a separate entity on March 2009).
Nick P*****
Fayetteville, NC. Greenville, NC


Thank you, Douglas H. for all your help and support along the way to getting our advance funding. Though there were some glitches along the way, you handled everything promptly and professionally and saw the whole process through right to the end result: our funding. 🙂 Doug even answered emails when sick! You’ve also seen that we were connected to a great merchant service/credit card processor, which we almost turned away! Douglas, You went above and beyond to see that we would get funded…and we appreciate it greatly.

(FUNDED $30,000 March 2009 with a Flexible Line of Credit / Merchant Cash Advance).
Auto Repair and Service
Rocky Hill, CT


THANKS JAKE PETERSON AND THE PEOPLE UPSTAIRS (Underwriting) FOR WORKING SO HARD FOR ME. I worked with another company out of California that promised me this and that and never came through for me. Glad I received a call from Jake. Advanced Funds Network came trough with what they promised. Now I can expand my inventory a whole lot more. Thanks from the staff at P*** Ent******.

(FUNDED $50,000 December 2008 Unsecured Line of Credit).
Jennifer D**
Atmore, AL


I want to thank Nathan (Klein) for helping me get the exact funds i needed to help fix the roof of my motel. A++
J. Patel
St. Cloud, MN


Advance Funds Network really worked hard for me. I was shopped around with other companies. I dealt with another company that promised me a lot and delivered on absolutely nothing. Advance Funds Network was straight with me throughout the process. Every step of the process was explained to me and the quotes they gave me were set in stone. I really appreciated Jake’s (Peterson) knowledge and expertise. He made me feel extremely comfortable throughout a process that was very new to me. Thanks for all your help guys.
Miami Beach, FL


I am sending this note to thank Advance Funds Network for helping with a cash advance for my café. So far the money has been spent on new equipment that has been needed desperately. My business is growing and a larger grill was needed which I was able to purchase due to the great teamwork at Advance Funds Network. It was a pleasure to work with Jason, he was very easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable with all the financial questions I had for him. He took me step by step through the procedure and I appreciated his knowledge and politeness through the entire process. Thank You again for everything.

(FUNDED $5,000 September 2008 & RENEWAL FUNDING February 2009).
Auto Related Services
Equipment Purchases
Shelton, CT


Dear Jason,

We want to thank Advance Funds Network for all your help and time in getting us our Business Advance. You kept in touch with us and never gave up. You have answered all of our questions and were very helpful in everyway. You were always very kind, understanding, thoughtful and patient with us. You are a very nice person to deal with. If we need anything in the future I would like to deal with you. I feel like we made a new friend.
Cottageville, WV
Funded $72,000 Line of Credit
November 2008


Advance Funds Network was there for me when my refrigeration unit broke down in my flower shop.

Thanks to Advance Funds Network I was able to Purchase a new unit right away without having to close down the shop.

Flower Store Retail
Equipment Related Financing
Mysti Ric******
Baltimore, MD
October 2008 


Thanks Doug! You really did a great job.  I had a chance to purchase a bulk liquor deal at a discount but needed $25,000 by the end of the week. I was able to get the funds just in time and it saved me over 20% on the order.  Thanks again guys and I would definitely recommend your service.

Liquor Store
Inventory Purchases
San Diego, CA
Funded $25,000 Receivable Financing
August 2008


Thanks to the wonderful & helpful people at Advanced Funds Network, I was able to purchase new equipment in order to expand my restaurant. Thank you Advance Funds Network!

Equipment Financing
Mesa, AZ
Funded $25,000
June 2008


Unfortunately, prior to June of 2008 our company did not keep digital records of our letters of recommendation.


Please note that certain information is hidden to protect the privacy of our clients.  Please see our Privacy and Security Principles for more information.