Many businesses remain at the same location for a number of years. Although they do not actually own the building they are based in, they tend to rent a location on a long term lease. This presents several distinct advantages and disadvantages for small and medium sized companies. If you are ensconced in a neighborhood conducive to your line of work, your locale can encourage new business transactions. This may be due to extra parking, access to public transportation or good local visibility.


However, there comes a time when making a move to a new location may be just what your business needs to increase profits. Your consumer base may have moved on over the years and your long time association with a certain office or store front is no longer workable. Commercial rents are always on the rise and too much of your budget may be devoted to the paying of rent for your space. In addition, your staffing needs may have changed over the years. An increase in staff members can lead to a crowded and unsafe work environment. A decrease in staff members means that you may be paying for commercial square footage that you do not need.


Seeking a business loan for the purposes of moving your business to a new location is a worthwhile idea. Businesses often find that moving gives their corporate environment new enthusiasm. Workers might not initially enjoy the task of packing their office belongings in boxes, but ultimately enjoy the perks that a new storefront or set of offices can bring. It is this change of atmosphere that can encourage a renewed purpose for employees to achieve greater sales and complete company goals.


If you find that moving to a smaller office space is financially advantageous, there are a variable plethora of ways to decrease size of space that you currently use. Employees that work from an office or cubicle may be able to telecommute at least several days of the weeks. Placing employees on a flexible schedule can also free up much needed space. Transferring paper files and scanning other ephemera to digital files is another way to clear out many of the file cabinets you use for storage. Adding to the increase of square footage now available, saving your confidential material to “the cloud” is a great way to insure that your corporate information is backed up and kept safe.