Working capital helps to fund purchase orders, accounts payable, payroll expenses and various expansion plans for established entrepreneurs. Getting money in a hurry can enable you to secure financing that keeps your business moving forward. Minimal requirements are needed to obtain a small business loan from the Advance Funds Network.

Zero Upfront Costs

Business owners are never charged any upfront fees to borrow money from us. That’s right. While some banks and other financial institutions require applications fees or other upfront costs, we will not ask you for any money upfront. Many of our clients need more money than they currently have, so we don’t expect down payments, credit report fees or business review fees as we are determining whether your business meets our lending requirements.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Bad credit is usually a major obstacle for a business owner who needs money quickly. However, Advance Funds Network offers financing solutions for a business owner with bad personal credit. Certain credit blemishes or a below-average credit score could disqualify a business owner from securing capital for their business.


Many banks and financial institutions refer to very strict underwriting guidelines to determine if a borrower fits the criteria for a specific mold. Using a process that is much more relaxed, we review every business loan application on a case-by-case basis.


Since 2007, Advance Funds Network has provided business loans to qualified borrowers regardless of personal credit rating. For instance, before issuing a loan, most banks will require a borrower to have a premier credit score. Small business owners typically enjoy our programs as we do not require a minimum credit score for a loan approval.

Qualifying for a Business Loan

We make it easy to get the money that your business needs. A straightforward process eliminates the hassles that small business owners frequently encounter to obtain a loan. To qualify for our business loan program, you will need to show that your business has averaged more than $15,000 in monthly sales. Additionally, you must operate a business that has existed in the United States for more than three months.


Again, there is no credit score requirement or an automatic denial for a bad personal credit history.


Our business loan programs are ideal for companies that accept credit cards as well as for companies that do not accept credit cards. If your business does not accept credit cards, you will need to supply at least three months of bank statements for us to review. However, if your business accepts credit cards, you will need to supply four months of credit card statements that reflect $5,000 in monthly sales or more.


We are available seven days a week to assist you with information about small business loans. Call us today to speak with one of our professional business loan counselors.