When you as a business owner are looking for funds to help expand business operations, the last thing you want to encounter are traditional lenders that are slow to make a decision and require unnecessary mounds of paperwork. At the Advance Funds Network, we are in the business of providing funds to help companies get on with the business of doing business without worry or pause.

The Problems With Traditional Lenders

As the economy continues recovering from the 2009 recession, it would seem traditional lending institutions such as banks and credit unions have taken a rather conservative stance towards lending money to existing and growing business entities. Many of these lending institutions are accountable to stockholders who will long remember the events that led up to the recession. This has caused traditional lenders to become unduly risk-adverse and overly cautious in its lending practices. Also, executives and public lawmakers have instituted new lending regulations and guidelines for publicly held companies, which is making it more difficult for borrowers with less than perfect credit to qualify for business loans. As a motivated business owner, you need fewer obstacles, not more.

Your Lending Partner at the Advance Funds Network

Since our inception in 2007, the Advance Funds Network has built a strong reputation as a company that wants to help business owners succeed. We understand every business needs capital, especially when expansion opportunities present themselves or are underway. In order for us to succeed, we believe we can afford to say “yes, we Can” when other institutions are saying “no.” Through this positive attitude, we have been able to build a partnership of trust between ourselves and our customers. They know we believe in them and we know they can succeed with the much needed capital in hand.

The Advance Funds Network Way

In many dynamic business industries, the need for funds is not always predictable. The Advance Funds Network has built a model that allows for quick decisions to be made with a minimum of application paperwork required. We understand our customers can’t proceed if we are the obstacle standing in their way. By maintaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a 5 star Trustpilot rating, we have proven our model works and customers with less than perfect credit are in fact a good risk as borrowers. As the borrower, you will find our terms to be understandable and reasonable. In some cases, we can approve your application within minutes with no up-front fees or obligations.

Types of Business Funding Available

At the Advance Funds Network, we can provide business funding with a variety of options for a wide range of businesses. Some of the borrowing options available include:

  • Business Line of Credit– When you have an established cash flow and your borrowing needs are intermittent, a business line of credit is the perfect solution. You have flexible access to funds based on your needs with the ability to avoid interest costs by paying down outstanding balances when the cash is available.
  • Bad Credit Business Loans– As a result of issues out of your control, your business’ credit rating may be less than perfect. At the Advance Funds Network, we believe your credit rating is but a small part of the story and many business with poor credit ratings are solid businesses worthy of borrowing funds.
  • Invoice & PO Factoring– If your business is holding receivables and large P.O.s awaiting payment, you can use them as leverage to obtain funds to run your business. This allows you to avoid cash shortfalls while your customers are processing payments to your company.
  • Business Cash Advance– It your business needs cash in a hurry with flexible repayment terms, a business cash advance might be enough to relieve temporary cash issues. With fast approval and a simple application process, the funds can be quickly made available and used as needed for business expenses.
  • Short-Term & Flexible Commercial Loans– If you or your company has available and adequate collateral, a short-term commercial loan makes sense. With collateral in hand, your credit rating becomes insignificant and the approval process is made easier.
  • Merchant Cash Advance– If your business accepts credit card payments, you may be eligible for business cash advances. With defined credit card receipts and monthly sales levels, you can borrow cash and have the balance paid off as your credit card receipts are processed.

When traditional lenders take to long or just say no, you owe it to your business to contact the Advance Funds Network. We can come up with many reasons to fund your business. By choosing us as your capital provider, you will be putting your business in a position to succeed without the borrowing obstacles other businesses encounter.