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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Dangers of Private Equity

Raising money to start a business, or to expand business operations, is probably the greatest challenge business owners will ever face. Getting bank loans or traditional financing can be difficult, especially in times of tight credit like those our economy … Continue reading

Piercing the Corporate Veil

  One of the wisest things new business owners do is form an entity to protect personal assets from liabilities of the business. There are a number of entity forms owners can choose to accomplish this goal. Limited liability companies … Continue reading

LLCs Subject Owners to Self-Employment Tax

LLCs are perhaps the most commonly-used entity form for new business ventures. They are easy to form and operate; they provide the owners of the business protection against personal liability for obligations of the company; and unlike traditional corporations, LLCs … Continue reading

Small Businesses & The Web

  The Internet can be an extremely valuable tool for any small business owner. By leveraging the power of the Web in your favor, you can help to run your business more effectively and even compete at the same level … Continue reading

Fast Business Loans from Alternative Lenders

  Traditional business financing sometimes requires a great deal of red tape and long waits before a respectable business can receive funding. Traditional lending institutions often ask for years of income as well as a mound of paperwork. Getting an … Continue reading

3 Indispensable SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization means using words and phrases that relate to something in news or culture that people are currently typing into search engines, blogging about or posting. By associating your business with such terms you increase the likelihood of … Continue reading

6 Tips On How To Expand Your Business

Business expansion requires three things to be successful: Capital, knowledge and networking. Additionally, you may want to seek advisers to help avoid the pitfalls of expanding a business because it can be risky to expand if you are not ready. … Continue reading

Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses

  As a small business owner, using smart-phone or tablet technology to simplify, organize, and prioritize your company’s day-to-day obligations is expected. However, those good intentions can plummet into the black hole of “e-clutter”: digital overkill that results in further … Continue reading

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