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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Top 5 Business Books For You To Read

  Every entrepreneur wants that edge that helps them to beat out the competition and establish their long-term success. The smart entrepreneurs understand that the best way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep learning new business ideas … Continue reading

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

  Social media is an important outlet for small businesses during all phases of the business growth. Social websites can help generate discussions, sales, revenue and a solid fanbase for a small company. It doesn’t matter what kind of company … Continue reading

Safety At Work

  There are two main concerns when it comes to the safety conditions in a workplace. The first concern is whether or not the employees feel safe working in a particular environment. The other concern is how aggressively a company … Continue reading

Is Factoring Right For Your Business?

  Small business owners faced with liquidity problems can seek a loan through a factoring company. Factoring companies offer business owners finance in exchange for collateral. The use of accounts receivables as collateral in a factoring agreement, allows a small … Continue reading

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