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Monthly Archives: January 2014

What IS Bitcoin?

  Stored asset or global currency? By the end of 2013, the Bitcoin had gone from a bartering chip to asset price of USD $1000 per trading unit on the global market. The popularity of Bitcoin since 2009, has created … Continue reading

5 Tips to make public speaking easier

  Public speaking is one of many people’s greatest fears. While there are many things that could go wrong during a public speech, there are also many instances where you’ll be able to deliver a meaningful and impressive performance. Here … Continue reading

What’s a 401k and Should I Have One?

  It is critical that you spend time thinking about your financial just as much as you think about your current financial situation. If you don’t start saving for retirement, you may find yourself unable to retire until late in … Continue reading

Why PR Is So Important In Business

  PR is important for all businesses. When small business owners design a strategy, they usually use advertising, and they don’t include PR. However, PR methods should be used because PR is a cost-effective way to increase awareness. Most businesses … Continue reading

5 Financial Pitfalls to Avoid in 2014

  Many small business owners read the stories of other tanked businesses with dread. While owning a business can be very rewarding, it is also a dance to avoid stepping on a financial landmine. Here are five of the biggest … Continue reading

Six Tips for the Women Entrepreneurs

  More and more women today are starting small businesses. This can be a daunting yet rewarding task, full of twists and turns along the way. Below are some valuable tips that can help as you begin the exciting world … Continue reading

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